SouthEnd Studio can help you reach that quality of sound which would be hard for the inexperienced to do on their own. We have the technical knowledge of recording gear and computer software, an ear for quality music at the source, experience in writing and composition of a song, and the post production creativeness to develop your song or project into a greater piece than where it started. We also believe in the process of creating the best possible version of your music, so we prefer to come to an agreement on fixed cost for your project not based on hourly rates or fees. This way we can focus on the creative process and not the clock!

Each project cost will be determined by SouthEnd Studio. After determining your needs, we can give you an accurate quote for your project. The cost for your project can vary depending on the complexity of the project. For instance, a solo acoustic act with one or two people recording a few tracks is going to be less time consuming than a full band with 100 tracks. We do want to give you a reasonable and fair price for what you are getting though. Listed below are some of the services we provide:

Please contact SouthEnd Studio to receive a quote.

//Recording and Tracking

This is the physical part of recording of each instrument or vocalist. We record multiple clean takes of each part so that it can be edited and ready for post-production.


Production is a very important element in the recording process. It can have several meanings. A producer acts as an outside ear to help you develop your song into the best it can be. It can include adding or removing a part of the song, rearranging, helping write new material or knowing how to get the best sound from the gear. Production can also be used post-recording. After the tracks are laid down, there may be more arrangements to be made in the software. Knowledge of software, effects and plugins is something that comes with a lot of experience.


The art of mixing is not about how expensive your equipment is. It is definitely more so a creative process along with technical experience. It is not the holy grail though, because the project that is being mixed needs to sound good before mixing even begins. So the tracking and production phase are just as important.


We do mastering in house as well. It is easier this way, because we can interchange between mixing and mastering if something doesn't sound right. This is also an important aspect of project.

//Studio Musicians

Are you a solo act and want the sound of a full band on your project? We can write and record multiple instruments including: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano, Keyboard. We can also write and record synthesized parts such Electronic Drums and Loops, Strings, Pads, Brass and many other possibilities in the MIDI and digital world. Please contact us with your needs and we will give you a quote!